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Great holiday offers - beach resorts, ski resorts, tennis, golf, trecking, touring, entertainment included - there are many specialist web sites from which to make your reservation.

Here are some from which you can choose - often there are last minute deals - so get looking now and book a great vacation.

Flair for sophisticated packaging and an emphasis on product customization has helped zChocolat earn the devotion of over 200,000 customers worldwide and established it among a select group of ultra-luxury brands available in over two hundred countries. Despite its impressive growth in the last 20 years, zChocolat has consistently maintained its commitment to both quality and customer service pushing the boundaries of conventional chocolates from the sweet-salty combination of caramel and hazelnuts in our signature recipe to the long list of cutting-edge confections regularly being added to their catalogue. With headquarters located where it all began: in Forcalquier, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France, They  deliver worldwide what no other brand can – chocolate perfection with a one-of-a-kind personal touch.

Coffee Friend is an international omnichannel retailer of coffee and coffee machines, operating in Europe under a variety of names in different local markets. They focus on an extraordinary sales experience and high-quality production, having begun their journey in 2010 in Lithuania, when two friends decided to pursue their dreams in the coffee business. 

They’re now one of the leading retailers of coffee and coffee machines in the Baltic states, and now dream of sharing good coffee with the rest of the world. 

Take a look at their more than 300 different models of coffee machines, 300 kinds of coffee, lots of accessories and delicious coffee.

Zenkki is a furniture start-up founded in London in 2021. This their big idea in their own words:

"After having moved around the city a few times, it was clear that a big part of the stress and hassle of moving came from the furniture, especially the big, bulky and more expensive ones. 

There was the aspect of transporting items from place to place and damaging some of it in the process, trying to sell furniture that didn't quite work in the new space, or even knowing what to buy or how much to spend without knowing how long it would be until the next move.

Because of this we would often go for "fast furniture", flat packed items that were neither as sustainable or durable as we wanted them to be, or necessarily even the perfect fit for our home. But it was easy and required low commitment.

We started looking for another way to furnish our home that would be equally low commitment, but more sustainable.

We first launched Zenkki subscribe in 2021. The aim was to offer a modern furniture subscription that works for the urban tenant or home owner. It's not just about renting furniture, but it's about getting access to high quality furniture on your terms. If your circumstances change, for example after a move, and you suddenly need to upgrade your sofa to a larger one, you should be able to easily do that.

Late 2022 we launched BuyLoop™. The aim is to create a fully circular offering of vetted, high quality furniture. Offering our customers a choice between brand new and second hand pieces, while always knowing items have gone through a full refurbishment process and quality check.

With both services, it's really all about being able to offer our customers the opportunity to not have furniture holding them back if suddenly everything changes and they want to take off and experience a new place or country! 

Check out our "How it works" page to read more and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. "


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