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Also known as the Guide to Britain - includes extensive insights to Touring the UK - as well as community socialising and shopping (bricks and mortar) and online - its your life - right here to live and enjoy - take a long look around and become part of our club - JOIN TODAY - first 4 months are FREE - you can cancel anytime - meanwhile meet other members - and stay safe

We value your company and participation to make this online magazine and resource one you will want to use every day. Peruse our pages, wander around, note places you'd like to visit, shop online in our advertised stores and make friends - meet online, fix places to go, walk, dine, dance, date and be happy.

And get in touch - tell what what we could do better - tell us your experiences, and stay safe but have fun! If you are intending to visit from overseas use the Guide to find out where to go - if you already live in Britain - find new places to explore, places to go, new friends to meet.

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Britain is a very beautiful country with many attractions. It's well worth a planning a visit, and using the Guide to Britain, should help narrow down the many choices.

In particular the Welsh coast and mountains offer outstanding scenery, with magnificent views, as do the highlands, lowlands, and the many islands off the coast of Scotland. 

All worth the effort of making a holiday in the UK, for both overseas visitor, and those who live in Britain.

Use these pages to plan your personal tour of Britain, to book ahead, or simply to shop on line as you prefer.

Do let us have your comments for all to read, and start to socialise on our site - share experiences with fellow visitors to the Guide to Britain. 

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