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NFTs – that's non-fungible tokens, have been much in the news in 2022 and catching the eye of dozens of our favourite artists, some of whom have been producing their own NFTs.  The "non-fungible” part means something unique and the “token” part can be taken as shorthand for a digital item such as a song, an image or a video. (click image for full screen view of artworks shown here).

There are a huge number of on-line marketplaces dedicated to the sale of NFTs. These include OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty Gateway and SuperRare – so think of them as similar to auction houses that sell physical items such Christies’s or Sotheby’s.

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 Before you can acquire one, however, you need a digital wallet set up with enough cryptocurrency in it to buy what you are after. As most NFT sales happen on the Ethereum blockchain you will most likely need to invest in Ether. 
Essentially it is as usual about fashion. Just like buying a painting from a first-year art student, you hope they will become famous so that owning an early example of their work will be worth a lot more than you originally paid for it. 

But for art lovers, its an exciting new way to own and sell artworks, and could make a shrewd investment opportunity since unlike a conventional painting, it can't be stolen as its a secure token on a blockchain but can be sold on with a percentage return of each future sale being returned to the original investor. However their values is dependent on the Cryto Market which have seen conisderable reductions in values recently - like many stocks and shares and fiat currencies, these may be soon on the rise again, as the world economies recover from Covid pandemic and other sad events like the Ukrainian War.

N_eff-Tee at the 4th tiny

NFT-s is a new website set up to deal in a range of images created specifically as NFT-s. The image, "N_eff-Tee at the 4th" shown here (click image for full screen view) documents the situation at a golf club at Llanymynech, which is straddled between England and Wales, and where an English player tees off at the 4th in England but could not, due to Covid regulations, follow the ball into Wales to play the hole.

N_eff-gee N_T at the 19th tiny

Even the club's Welsh members couldn't get a Gin and Tonic at the club-house after play, since it was also closed by the pandemic - so the sequel image on NFT-s  (click image for full screen view) demonstrates the virus winning at this point too, hence the title "N_eff-gee N_T at the 19th".

Interestingly the site uses images from the Hubble Telescope courtesy of NASA to set the idea of NFT-s, and which is also all about new beginnings in this digital age. 'Taking a cue from NASA's pictures of the ever changing nebula, NFT-s offers unique art to the discerning collector.' All artworks listed there have been uploaded and had their information validated on an Ethereum blockchain as unique Non Fungible Tokens.  

Pop Tarts Title

Some of Roger Davies latest NFT-s are shown In his   Pop Tarts Collection which has some 40 new works available for purchase as limited edition digitally signed NFT-s.

Other Collections of his Artworks are now available for sale at OpenSea Take a long look and invest.


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The View from The Shard gives visitors a unique chance to gain a bird’s eye view of London from two platforms situated at the very top of the tallest building in the city.  

The view from the Shard

Sitting at 800ft above London this attraction allows visitors to discover over 1,000 years of the capital’s history from one location. 

The View from The Shard

is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions and now reopening again.

Fall in love with the city’s iconic skyline and spot famous sites including The Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Olympic Park and Wembley Stadium. Its an amazing experience, and well worth the cost.

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foto-creatif art shop offers digitised works in limited editions to enhance your home, or work space, and printed on canvas, framed art paper, wood, aluminium or acrylic in a variety of sizes. 

Each artwork is an unique stylisation by Roger Davies, a one time professional Television Camerman, who worked for both the BBC and Granada TV. There are more than 450 images to select from, featured in 10 differing galleries - well worth a long look at leisure.

Once selected by a customer by quotation, each print is given an unique number out of a maximum of 100, and signed by the artist. A certificate of authenticy is provided subsequent to purchase, and delivered by email. NFT-s also can offer digitised token versions for collectors.

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